Party prince Corey Worthington ties the knot

Believe it or not, party boy Corey Worthington, one of Australia’s favorite shitheads has tied the knot. The twenty-four-year old took a little break from appearing in RedBalloon commercials as well as running his lawful company – Not Sorry Entertainment – to tie the knot with Mel Borg in Bali.

According to reports, Corey sported for a black bow tie, cream pants and white collared shirt for his wedding ceremony. Guests sported his infamous yellow sunnies. It was really an interesting and funny tribute to his good old days. Apparently, the invitation read: “Gettin’ hitched. Tell yr m8s, u don wanna miss it, its gonna B huge.” The party boy and his wife is now relishing a honeymoon in Bali.


Is Mila Kunis married to Kutcher, reports

Well, did Mila Kunis just admit that she is married to Ashton Kutcher. During James Corden’s very first episode as ‘The Late Late Show’ host, Mila Kunis did not deny that she and Kutcher are officially a couple.

The all new host asked the question regarding their relationship status telling if they were married. And in reply Mila said, “Maybe.”
James, proving that he has show hosting skills, asked, “Either you’re married or you’re not.”, Mila offered her “maybe” answer once again. The Brit host corresponded her effort at being demure by asking her to show the audience her left ring finger. A band strongly agreeing a wedding ring forced Corden to point out the prove, “They are married, look!”

After Mila stated that she is married to Ashton, Corden asked the actress if confirming her wedding was fine with her according to Mirror. She assured the new host he it was fine, she knew that her secret was out.

Getting married in the Derbyshire countryside

Derbyshire is a beautiful county in England’s East Midlands of England with the southern Pennine range of hills extending into the north of the county and a substantial portion of the Peak District National Park being within Derbyshire.

Planning a wedding in the Derbyshire countryside is an exciting possibility because the scenery is gorgeous and the idea can bring delight to an upcoming bride and groom. The setting can be among spectacular mountains, rolling hills, by a lake, under grand trees, in an old farmhouse or barn, in a flower-filled garden, at a small traditional country pub, or whatever location is the perfect answer to the wedding couple’s dreams, personalities and tastes.

Getting married in Warwickshire

For many individuals the memory of standing before family and friends, staring into the eyes of the person they love most, is one which endures throughout their lives. It is without a doubt one of the most serene moments a person may have the pleasure of enjoying.

The trek to this wonderful juncture, however, is often quite arduous. I am not speaking of the process of courtship though; that is a whole other journey in and of itself. I am referring to the trek separating you and that coveted moment in time once you and your partner become engaged.

The visuals of your wedding – the arrival and wedding photography

When planning a wedding, everyone wants that unique day with stunning visuals and a great atmosphere. This can often be down to the type of services for the big day and who you employ to carry them out. We look at some of these different wedding packages and which might suit your big day.

Couple gets Las Vegas marriage after boyfriend proposes with a banner on dad’s removal van

A boyfriend, who earlier proposed to his partner on the side of his dad’s van has tied the knot with his love in a Christmas wedding that took place in Las Vegas. James Smallwood decided that he would get married with bride Tanya, aged 28, after going to Nevada to relish James’s thirtieth birthday, just telling their parents they were hatching a plan for their wedding day.

The told that the engagement was exciting and quirky and they wanted their marriage to be just as surprising and unique and where better than Las Vegas. The toughest part was to keep everything secret. It was the happiest day of their lives.